intelligence is irrelevant 

So-called smart people are the same people who have convinced nearly everyone that machines can be human or that they will inevitably control the world. A really smart person can see that this is a myth and prevent that from being the narrative about why humans are supposed to be slaves to their technology.

Smart people make tv shows to terrify themselves about a zombie apocalypse.

Smart people continually argue about things that don’t serve any purpose.

Please don’t use that word for me ever again. It’s one of the biggest barriers that exists in the world. That barrier is why I feel so strongly about lgbtq rights and racism and sexism. 

The idea that reality doesn’t apply to you because you can articulate. 


I used to think the root of all evil was the myth of ownership. Because we’re all just sharing this planet and none of the bs about inherent rights is true and we all know it. And even more so because people run with it, don’t take responsibility and don’t act like citizens of planet earth.

I now think the greater root of evil is the myth of superiority.

We can get pissed as much as we have the capacity for but every time we use that anger to separate ourselves from one another makes us hypocrites. Makes a stupid person want to rule the world and let everyone else die.


Yes, in previous posts I was using the word ‘smart’ facetiously. 

Imagine being told you’re pretty all your life and because of that you’re destined to be alone even when you’re with other people. Because someone made a box for you to live inside and you crawled in and that act made you ugly.

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